Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have cover if it rains ?

We endeavour to accommodate our patrons within the marquees. And have lots of umbrellas to lend so you can keep yourself from getting wet.

Will I be allowed re-entry should I go out of the Jagz premises ?

All VIPs will have a Wristband to enable them to gain entry to the VIP area. Also to go and come as they please. General admission to the event is managed by a ‘Event Stamp’. You are free to come and go but may have to be readmitted through security. See prices of the packages we offer.

Can I upgrade on the Day. Ie to VIP ?

Yes if there is space within the VIP area. Remember this is a well attended event so no guarantees can be given. So best to buy VIP before coming.

Will I be searched coming into the venue ?

It is custom that our security will search your bags or any loose items belonging to you. This is our strict policy as found in our Terms and Conditions (Point 16, 17, 18) and upon request from the licencing and policing policy.